About Us

Hobitute Art Foundation (HAF) is committed to bring art awareness and impart art education among children and youth belonging to economically weaker sections. Foundation believes that the focused curriculum in the art forms like drawing, painting, and sculpturing would act as vocational training for children and women of economically weak background. In addition, such education would help improve cognitive skills, concentration, and right brain development in children. Foundation is committed in reaching out to the children of the rural India. This, we believe, would bring equal opportunity for every child in the area of art education.

Hobitute Art Foundation adopted number of Low Income Schools where children from economically backward background are studying. We are in the process of adopting more and more schools as part of our sustainable impact program. In these schools, we identify talented kids and provide them art education. Vocational training in art would help create opportunities for alternate income for these kids once they start their independent life. In addition, we believe, such training would help in the character formation and instill creativity among next generation.

To speed up these activities, Hobitute Art Foundation is in the process of implementing many innovative technological solutions. Also, to roll out effective programs, we need to empower the teachers and resource persons in the schools across India.

After several years of research, Hobitute has developed a unique and a highly effective methodology, to impart Fine-art education through Audio-visual mechanism. Today, this affordable and effective education is available from beginners to advanced level through our websites Online Art Classes OR Online Painting Classes . Now, our endeavor is to take this unique education to Low Income Private Schools and schools aided by the Government. In the rural areas, drawing and painting education is provided as a vocational training, to create an economic impact. With the help of this education the villagers can form self-help groups, and sell their art produce. To realize this, the Hobitute Art Foundation is looking forward to getting support from Corporate and Government.

Foundation also embarked upon various projects that would improve the living standards of rural artists. We are today supporting around 700 rural artists who are capable of producing high quality theme based paintings, sculptures in stone, brass, bronze, Indian traditional paintings, tribal art, dhokra art, bamboo masks, fiber glass art works, special paintings on wood and variety of mural style paintings. We request the support of Companies by selecting these wonderful items as corporate gifts. These art items can be customized to fit any occasion. To know more about these products, please visit our promoting site for these rural artists - www.hobitute.com. It is our endeavor to market the product of these artists.

We request the volunteers from corporate to participate in our art education activities. We along with corporate CSR volunteers of companies jointly execute programs in the area of art. Please let us know in case your company needs such assistance.

If you are interested in participating foundation’s activities, please contact us.